450 Gulf Shore

The Gulf of Mexico is such a vital part of our life in Naples. One morning as I was walking the beach just a block away from where this home was being built, I bent down and picked up a shell and a piece of coral that had washed up the night before. I thought of the rhythms of the sea, with every wave, every tide, and how they relate to the rhythms of our lives – every day, every season, every year. I thought about how coral will build their homes on ancient shipwrecks that litter the sea floor, and how the nautilus adds new chambers to its shell over time. From the old we continually create the new.

This house is not so different, being designed as an architectural continuation of the unusual home that occupied this plot years before. You can see its influence in the polygonal rooms – some with six sides, some with eight.

In that spirit of creating the new from the old, I used occasional antiques and period reproductions, but in the context of a very clean, modern, and sustainable environment. An oasis of quiet and symmetry, this peaceful home is the perfect expression of sanctuary.